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The Worst Interview Experience I’ve Ever Had

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A few weeks ago, we reached out to our contact base to ask a few questions around advice they’d received over the years about interviews and careers – and also what they’d recommend to others starting out today.  The results were quite interesting!

We’ve picked out a few comments from the results about the worst interview experiences people have had….


What was your worst interview experience ever?

“When I walked into the office for the interview, all I heard was the company’s Director shouting at a member of staff. Not the best first impression.”

Many businesses forget that an interview is a two-way process – the company is being interviewed by the candidate too! Don’t make a bad first impression on your candidates!


“I was interviewed by a hiring manager that didn’t tell me anything about his company and what was good about working for them all through the interview.”

Interviews are an opportunity for companies to tell the candidate about themselves – after all, online research can only do so much. Even more so today, candidates are looking for a company who shows the type of culture & brand they will be a part of.  It’s down to the interviewer to get the candidate excited and interested in working for the company, as it’s often the first interaction your candidate will have with your brand.  Make it count.


“I was invited to an ‘Apprentice TV show-style’ bully interview where I was asked questions in such an aggressive tone that, even though I was offered the job, I rejected it on the basis that the interview was giving a representation of the type of business I would be joining.”

Again, it comes back to our earlier comment about the interview being an opportunity to make a good first impression on clients.  In departments such as sales, it can be common for interviewers to feel they need to be more aggressive in their approach, but does that really result in recruiting the best candidates?


“During an interview, the guy who ran the company made some pretty awful comments including that he wouldn’t hire anyone who’s name he couldn’t pronounce and that admin was “women’s work”. I’m still ashamed of myself that I didn’t just walk out.”

Wow, we’re really shocked at this one.  It’s so unfair to put candidates in this position and I’m sure interviewers would never expect a candidate to come in and share these views.  Sounds like a lucky escape!


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