Happiness & Wellness = Success & Productivity

Health and Wellbeing is increasingly featured on the agenda of employers and employees alike, with countless studies indicating a direct correlation between the happiness and wellness of a workforce and the subsequent success and productivity of a business.

YourPrime is committed to sourcing, finding, and delivering the finest health and wellbeing initiatives for our clients, their employees, and our own YourPrime team. We strive to create a workplace environment for our clients and ourselves which promotes optimal psychologist fitness and ultimately increase productivity and engagement.

To achieve this, we are working side-by-side with a Health and Wellbeing coach who is a member of the International Council of Psychotherapists and certified as a Master Practioner in both Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. She is a long-term coach and has worked with a number of very successful technology business to help them achieve their ambitions. Through a structured service program, her services deliver a tailored wellbeing support services for businesses and individuals; ultimately creating an environment which promotes individual and overall business success.

YourPrime Clients

Through our ability to understand our clients’ needs and partnership with a Health and Wellbeing coach, we aim to provide an opportunity for tailored wellbeing services to be delivered. Here’s how:

  • 1-1 sessions with an external Health and Wellbeing coach for individuals (hiring managers or individuals recently placed within businesses)
  • In-house training and workshops for individuals and/or teams
  • Tailored wellbeing campaigns for the overall business
  • Bespoke “how to” guides on numerous topics including diversity, flexible home working, and wellbeing

For more information on how this partner can help you and your business, please reach out to one of the YourPrime team.

YourPrime Employees

We empower our people and help changes live by creating an
environment of high trust and high performance. To embed health and wellbeing in our culture, we encouraging a healthy lifestyle, create a work-life balance, and provide exceptional career growth. Here’s how:

  • 1-1 sessions with an external wellbeing coach
  • Flexible and homeworking opportunities to fit your lifestyle
  • Open and inclusive workplace where health and wellbeing is discussed often
  • In-house training on topics such as stress, burnout, and positive thinking

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